Cemetery - Enter the Gate,Discography 1991-1993 (Ger), 2CD

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Memento Mori is proud to announce the release of "Enter the Gate", the lost album by the German band Cemetery. The album was recorded in 1993 and scheduled to be released next year through West Virginia Records. Unfortunately, the label folded due to bankruptcy and the album has remained unreleased ever since... until now!!! "Enter the Gate" is a goddamn brilliant piece of creative Death Metal packed with fantastic melodies, heavy riffs, amazing leads, acoustic passages, superb musicianship and a huge personality. Kind of Death meets Edge Of Sanity meets Pestilence, if you will. And to top it off, this release is presented as a 2CD set, also featuring the "Cemetery" demo (1991) and the "At Dark Places" EP (1992, previously unreleased too). All in all, what you get here is over 100 minutes worth of music from a terrific band that certainly deserved much better!!!

DISC 1: Enter the Gate (62:18)

DISC 2: Cemetery (24:15) + At Dark Places (14:04)


Disc 1 - : Enter the Gate

1. The Different 07:33  

2. Pits of Hell 05:30  

3. Trapped in the Out 08:02  

4. Cremation 09:57  

5. Beyond the Wall of Sleep 06:07  

6. Wings of Hate 08:45  

7. At Dark Places 08:24  

8. Hexenhammer 08:03  


Disc 2 - Cemetery + At Dark Places

1. The Perception 02:31  

2. Something Evil 05:18  

3. The Dying 04:38  

4. (Under the) Cemetery 05:14  

5. My Burial 06:18  

6. At Dark Places 08:08  

7. Dungeon of Dreams 05:57  


Total 38:04

Memento Mori

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Death Metal