Void Meditation Cult - Utter The Tongue Of The Dead (USA), CD

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Five years ago, the entity VOID MEDITATION CULT uttered its "Sulfurous Prayers" and then receded back into the darkness. Now, the altar is set once more, and candles gleam in the shadows as the specter returns. Ten covenants of death, devil worship and sacrifice are offered beneath the ever-watchful gaze of the Blighting Angel, as the many voices of the damned churn against a down-tuned, pestilential roar. Return to the Devil's Temple, for the time has come to "Utter the Tongue of the Dead"...


1. Blessed by Lycosidae (Opening Mass) 00:56  

2. Utter the Tongue of the Dead 04:02    

3. The Antichrist Prevails 04:01    

4. At the Door of an Infernal Realm 04:34    

5. Defile and Devour 04:05    

6. Alms for the Eyeless Idol 03:57    

7. The Brimstone Hail 02:32    

8. Mould and Blood 03:57    

9. The Shores of Eternal Night 01:40  

10. Goddess of the Waking Death 05:24    

Total 35:08

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