Shub Niggurath/Necroccultus - Inverted Dimensions (Mex), CD

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Ancient death metal from Mexico performed on its purest form. The legendary Shub Niggurath, with more than 20 years in history of death metal offer 4 exclusive songs recorded back in '90 -rehearsal versions- and a cover of Terrorizer. Necroccultus, with already 10 years in the death metal scene also offer us 4 exclusive songs recorded in '06-rehearsal versions- and 1 live song recorded in ‘07.In total 10 tracks of ancient death metal the Mexican way. This release comes with artwork made by Self Desecrator, as well as a collage of unpublished photos by both bands.


1. Shub Niggurath - Eternal Reign of Possession  

2. Shub Niggurath - Inverted Dimensions  

3. Shub Niggurath - Disembowelment  

4. Shub Niggurath - Horror Creatures  

5. Shub Niggurath - Afterworld Obliteration (Terrorizer Cover)  Show lyrics

6. Necroccultus - The Underworld Abhorrence  

7. Necroccultus - Into the Veils of Damnation  

8. Necroccultus - Enter the Ominous Mausoleum  

9. Necroccultus - Necroccultus  

10. Necroccultus - The Necrosphere Within  

11. Necroccultus - Enter the Ominous Mausoleum

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