Apostasy - Sunset Of The End, 1991 + Fraud In The Name Of God, Demo 1989 (Chl), 2LP

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Released on vinyl for the very first time. Mastered from the original Digital Audio Tapes (DAT) in October 2017 at 15 Hz sonido, Santiago CHILE. Side 4 (Bonus Tracks) Demo "1989" FRAUD IN THE NAME OF GOD, recorded at VOX Studio, June 1989.

Vinyl 1

Side A

1.Apocalyptic Serenade 04:00  

2.Fraud in the Name of God 06:21  

3.Oneiric Storm 05:04  

4.Banished from Sanity 06:43  

Side B

5.The Sullen Dream (Acoustic) 00:42

6.Deceased in Funeral 05:38  

7.Malignant Beauty (Acoustic) 01:05

8.The Great Apostasy 02:06

9.At the End of the New Testament 08:48  

Total 40:27 

Vinyl 2

Side C

1.Addicted Tribulation 07:34 

2.Last Flight (Acoustic) 01:20

3.The Night 06:22  

Side D

4.The Night 07:12 

5.The Sullen Dream (Acoustic) 00:41 

6.Deceased in Funeral 06:28 

7.Fraud in the Name of God 07:00 

Total 36:37 

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