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Nucleus - Sentient (USA), LP

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“Sentient” is the appropriately sci-fi title of the debut album from Nucleus. Hailing from Chicago, Nucleus play a twisted and bizarre strain of death metal influenced by progressive death innovators such as Atheist, as well as under-appreciated bands that were too weird to gain mainstream traction in their own time – innovators such as Timeghoul and Demilich. The unique lyrics on “Sentient” also steer away from the usual death metal topics and instead seem to have space-traveled here from the headier dimensions of Isaac Asimov, Arthur Clarke and Frank Herbert.

Fittingly, given the unusual content and warped riffing, cover art for this album was painted by the master Dan Seagrave. The resulting piece is some of his wildest and most colorful artwork ever.


Side A

1. Sentience 01:34 

2. Dosadi 03:15    

3. Cantos 04:46    

4. Swarm 04:52    

5. Cube 03:25   


Side B

6. Insurgent 03:40    

7. Ancient 05:34    

8. Extirpate 03:38    

9. Starflyer 07:11    

Total 37:55

Ficha técnica

Death Metal