VoidCeremony - Dystheism (USA), EP

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Always on the lookout for the metal underground's most diabolical new sounds, BLOOD HARVEST proudly unleashes VOID CEREMONY's Dystheism on 7″ vinyl. Originally self-released last year on cassette, Dystheism is a four-track treatise on dark spiritualism and philosophy, set to the spiraling descent of dizzying, bilious black/death metal. Songs twist and contort in obscene ways, setting the sonic journey into an abyss of bleak realities. Although unapologetically raw, VOID CEREMONY are remarkably clear in their devilish vision, making Dystheism a true “diamond in the rough”. (Nathan T. Birk)


Side A

1. Ceremony of the Void 02:43  

2. Profane Accumulation of Execrable Reverence 03:11  

Side B

3. Dystheism (Anti-Worship of the Demiurge) 04:09  

4. Lunar Qliphoth 03:51  

Total 13:54

Ficha técnica

Death Metal