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Logos - II, Ltd. 50 (Rus), Tape

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Noble Black Cassette with silver on-body print and j-card. Limited to 50.

► Listen on Bandcamp: https://dunkelheitprod.bandcamp.com/album/ii

Occult and sinister sounds from Russia emerge once again! After stirring the water with the debut album of Womb11 and his first tape as Logos, the anonymous mastermind from Pskov presents another treat for those very few still able to grasp the essence of true outsider art.

„II“ is another exercise in skillful minimalism and another great success. Crunchy walls dig through tormented flesh and there is always something going on. Distant crackles, harsh fuzz and an overall feeling of manual and hands-on craftiness. It feels like the audial interpretation of a graverobber unearthing charred remains for sinister practices.

Two tracks, one longer and one short, form the core of Logos' new opos. Feedback, slow-burning Noise and clattering sing the proud hymn of a long forgotten future of Industrial heritage. Once again, a release not to be missed!

All music by LOGOS. Executive production by Dunkelheit Produktionen. All rights reserved.


A1 Black Cauldron (Witchcraft Frequencies) 20:27
A2 Grimoire 06:18

Total 26:45 Minutes

(Both sides same program)

Ficha técnica

Harsh Noise