Pubic Eminence - High Voltage, Tape

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After rearing its vile head some years ago, the faceless beast that is Pubic Eminence returns with "High Voltage". In short, this new release consists of everything the weak-minded sheep that infest the so-called "extreme Untergrund" hate: strong male identity, unflinching aggression and antisocial loyalty to primal urges.

One thing that is absolutely certain is that the raw force of live and loud Power Electronics is strong with these anonymous German offenders. Feedback cuts through the listener's ear as if it were a chav skank's moist hymen, rumbles hit harder than the knuckles of even the most drunken wife beater and all this glorious Racket is narrated by furious vocal commands. It may not be too bold to compare "High Voltage" to Power Electronics triumphs known from the British pioneers or selected Finnish brutes.

If you are a cross-dresser, male feminist or any other type of 21st century screwup, avoid this at all cost. The select few will appreciate Pubic Eminence's "High Voltage" for what it is: an exercise in Power Electronics supremacy.


1. Do You Remember My Face 02:46
2. Alone Pt. II 04:28
3. Hölle 05:20
4. Soaped Teen 04:06
5. Anja 03:38

Ficha técnica

Power Electronics/Noise