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Logos - I (Rus), Tape

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Noble Black Cassettewith silver on-body print and j-card. Limited to 100.

After Womb 11 quickly rose to fame in Ritual Industrial circles and those select few that can fathom true Industrial madness in the old vein, the anonymous mastermind from the rugged badlands of Russia launches another sonic attack: Logos. Referring to the awakened inner divinity of divine intellect, Logos presents raw and analogue Harsh Noise, which utilises solely organic soundsources and renounces the usage of synthesizers and overdubs. This results in a dynamism and character which is often sought in vain in the bland, generic scene of our times.

The sounds themselves are nothing short of bestial and primal waves of chaos that always flow freely and proudly, while still seeming composed. The attentive listener may feel reminded of some of the current heroes of the international noise scene like Yana or Nuori Veri, whose approach and sounds also focus on less modern and slick presentation in favor of hands on organic results, but will also acknowledge the menacing darkness and occult death worship that looms behind the tasty variations and crumbling walls of morbid crackles and oscillating waves, reminiscent of 80ies obscurities. Although these respective aspects are all not new per se, the way Logos mixes and arranges them appears highly innovative and fresh, proving once again that contemporary Industrial Noise is certainly no soulless worship of a more glorious past, but as vibrant and alive as ever.

As opposed to some more juvenile interpretations found in lesser projects and some extreme metal, the genuine Qliphothic tradition of utter blackness forms a truly unholy union with the sound, making for a listening experience that is as unsettling to the unknowing as it is ecstatic to the initiate. Rough xerox artwork and track titles like „Qliphothic Vampyrism“ or „Lilith Footjob Adorer“ blend Industrial libertinage with the anti-cosmic ideology of Theistic Satanism, while still claiming a distinct identity.

Logos is Harsh Noise alchemy at its best and this debut is something that stands firmly opposed to the safe shallowness of our new age, while upholding the spirit of the earliest days of Post-Industrial madness in all its lawless glory. Due to its aristocratic nature, this is certainly not a crowdpleaser, but still highly recommended to the elect.

All music by LOGOS. Recorded in Pskov, Russia in July 2022. Executive Production by Dunkelheit Produktionen. All Rights reserved.


Side A + Side B

1. The Grail Of Deception 07:34
2. Lilith Footjob Adorer 08:01
3. Qliphotic Vampyrism 16:27

Total 32:02 Minutes

Ficha técnica

Noise, Ritual, Power Electronics