Romaine Perrot & Andy Bolus - Free As Dead (Original Film Soundtrack) + Button, Tape

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Disturbing and damaged collaborative score to FREE AS DEAD, an original experimental short horror film from the twisted minds of Romain Perrot and Andy Bolus. Our story concerns a man bound to death and a young girl, following a path of ritualistic transfiguration to ultimately become free as dead. A voyage into the darkest and most psychedelic nether regions of the subconscious. Ominous church organ creaks through choking sulfur, severely mangled. The film itself is a collaborative work, a shadowy 21 minute nightmare of evil excess, demented sorcery and lurid ritual. The soundtrack as presented here offers an extended view into the secret chamber, presenting nearly a full hour of grim atmosphere for the most demented of dungeon dwellers.


1. Part Mart Noire / Transfiguration 28:18

2. Drag Away / Romina Torpër 23:45

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