Demonomancer - Poisoner of the New Black Age (Svd), Tape

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Side A

1. Intro / Goatgasm   

2. Father of Necromancy   

3. Vicious Violated Graves   

4. Astarte Liturgical Sodomancer   

5. Invoking the Rectal Birth of Christ   

6. Black Candles Inside the Rotten Virgin Mary Pussy   

7. Sucubo Archaic Dominant   

8. Twisted Unholy God's Rectum   

9. Christ Mary Horny Stench   

10. Christ Anal Insemination Ritual   

11. Molesting Holy Dead Flesh   

Side B

12. Degenerated Satan Semen   

13. Storming Blood and Lava   

14. Under the Guillotine of Satan   

15. Demonomantia Spectral   

16. Aborted Holy Bastard   

17. Black Mass Raper   

18. Corrupter of the Pestilent New Age   

19. Christendom Cumslut   

20. Chemical Warfare Unleashed / Outro Terrortodox

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