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Satans Sadist - Nr. 20 (Incl. Poster)

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33 interviews, articles, reviews, news and 104 pages in A4 format. A double size zine.. Bands involved are: GOATS OF DOOM (Fin), REVENANT MARQUIS (Eng), ARCADA (Per), NECRO CHAOS (Por), REAPER (Swe), BLASPHEMOUS DIVISION (Per), PERDITION TEMPLE (US), DEADLIGHT SANCTUARY (Nor), TEMPLE OV PERVERSION (Swi), HELLISH GRAVE (Bra), MIDNIGHT (US), CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY (Ita), CIANIDE (US), DEATHHAMMER (Nor), FUNERAL STORM (Gre), BAT (US), RUNEMAGICK (Swe), SLAUGHTBBATH (Chi), BAXAXAXA (Ger), INVOCATION (Chi), SIGN OF EVIL (Chi), INFECTED SPHERE (Bra), STARGAZER (Aus), VOODUS (Swe), HORRID (Ita), SPIRITS WAY (Por), WINTERNIUS (Ita), LIVIDITY (US), IMPALED (US), SHED THE SKIN (US), INCANTATION (US), FRENTRUM (Ita), THE FUNERAL ORCHESTRA (Swe)+ exclusive posters of POSSESSED (US) / PESTILENCE (Hol). Distributors who are interested to distribute my new issue (or the other previews), contact me for the wholesales price. Actually in works for the next one, the issue 21 (December), who this time not the same pages and bands involved (max 70 pages and not more than 20 bands). Next poster add: DEATH SS (Ita) / COVEN (US). My zine close definitely probably the nexy Summer 2021... I will see if made the issue 22 and close definitely or close definitely with the issue 23. Now costs for the print as prohibitive and the selling in that nowadays society are really difficult.... See you in Hell! +A+