Deadhead Zine - Nr. 4 (European Repress)

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Official reprint from the malaysian cult zine! Impetigo, Headhunter D.C., Blackfire, Levifer, Nocturnal Vomit, Transgressor and more... 72 pages in A4 format.

Deadhead Fanzine #4 "The Fourth Revelation"

 English written printed fanzine, with a rare Metal Ghost

 (pre-Black Fire) photo from 1982 on the front cover. An

 ancient treasure from the old Malaysian scene! Old school

 fanzine with hard cover. Thick 80 A4 sized with b/w pages.


 Sinners inside this issue:

 Impetigo (US) - Long 17 pages interview of this defunct


 Headhunter D.C (Brazil) - 11 pages brutality!

 Black Fire (Malaysia) - The second feature! 

 Rabbath Ammon (Jordan) - The Middle East desecrators!

 Levifer/Goat Semen (Peru) - The kult Devil deals!

 Transgressor (Japan) - Old Death Metallists from the past!

 Metal Savage (Thailand) - 40's Diehard Heavy Metal


 Nocturnal Vomit (Greece) - Everything you need to know about