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Interviews with Griftegård (Swe), Kathaaria (Ger), Autopsy (USA), Confraternita Del Vuoto Immenso (Ita), Evil Spirit (Ger), Hour Of 13 (USA), Hell (Eng), Hobbs Angel Of Death (Oz), Crucified Mortals (USA), Undergang (Den), Abramelin (Oz), Cauldron Born (USA) and cult horror movie director Dante Tomaselli (USA). Besides that you will also get plenty of reviews on music, zines and horror movies, a Slovenian serial killer report and an article about how underground musicians got into the metal world. For that we spoke with members of Blasphemy, Necros Christos, Gospel Of The Horns, Black Oath, Impaler etc. Quality print as always. (GRIFTEGÅRD cover). 56 pages.