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Exanimatvm - Dispersae Et Tormentvm + Poster, Black Edition, Ltd. 350 (Chl), LP

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180g (Heavy Vinyl), 300gsm Cover, Insert + Black Paperbag, Poster in A2 format

In a time in which bands are trying to blur the listener’s vision with half-baked concepts of obscure or even pseudo-philosophical ideas, it is always a pleasure to discover a band such as EXANIMATVM. Those guys really understand what’s so special about South American Death Metal: Striking riffs are mixed with clashing drums that force the challenging power of the songs upon the listener, while the guttural vocals complete the immense sound.

“Dispersae et Tormentvm” leaves no room for breath. Ultraheavy midtempo-parts alternate with bestial blast-passages, and together they create a menacing and dark mood. This album will find its way in to the collections of maniacs and won’t be the typical addition, collecting dust on the shelf. We are sure about that.

The debut of this Chilean quartet was recorded during the time from July to October 2015 in the local JB Studio. Rafael Fuentes was responsible for the mixing and mastering; the coherent artwork was created by the tattoo-artist Maurice Bonacic.



1. La Apoteosis de Todos los Horrores 04:45

2. Vae Victis 03:03

3. Danza Impura 03:55

4. Dispersiones Y Tormento 03:55

5. Exanimatvm 04:48


6. Oscura Propagacion Del Linaje De Tons 04:38

7. Nocturnas Luminiscencias 07:19

8. Abominabilis Conditio 02:25

9. Short 06:14

Total 41:06

Ficha técnica

Death Metal