Eindig - Doodschrift (Hol), Tape

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Like the cold water drops from the top of a solitary house, the drum beats the slow and melancholic rhythm. The guitars freezing like a cold wind that let the body temperature sink in seconds and have only the wish to end life. Desperate and suffering vocals aim the target for suicide and dive deep into the ears of the listener. The suicide and the concentration with the border between life and dead is the general topic of the morbid-towing band from the netherlands. The person who dares in the circle of EINDIG can be sure that it will left spoors. Get yourself convinced... Limited to 500 Cassettes the work was released together with the mexican label SELFMUTILATION SERVICES.


1. De Strop 05:54  

2. Levenloos 03:26  

3. Doodschrift 05:01  

4. Dwaal 03:12  

5. Een Laatste 06:02  

6. De Stem In Het Donker 08:55  

7. Einde 03:08  

8. Tragedie 03:34  

Total 39:12

Ficha técnica

Black Metal