Execration - Odes of the Occult (Nor), Digipack CD

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Execration's second album, following 2008's Syndicate Of Lethargy. Odes Of The Occult contains 9 tracks of vicious, evil death metal. It parts with the percussive style of previous releases in favor of a wider set of influences drawing from death metal, doom and cult black metal. In 50+ minutes, Odes Of The Occult will make your ears bleed from dark, brutal doom-laced death metal chemically cleansed of any "modern" death metal tricks. The original vinyl release was one of the highlights of 2011, just like this cd version will be for 2012 !


1. Ode to Obscurity 05:32  

2. Unction 05:17  

3. Entheogen 05:22  

4. Intermezzo I 03:11  

5. A Crutch for Consolation 10:30  

6. Soul Maggot 05:58  

7. Grains 03:51  

8. Obsession 06:00  

9. Intermezzo II 04:21  

10. Left in Scorn 06:46  

11. High Priest 04:27  

Total 01:01:15

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Death Metal