Suffercation - Day of Darkness + Poster (Mal), CD

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Suffercation - Day of Darkness (The Re-Awakening) CD. The milestone death metal album that broke the barrier of extreme metal scene in Malaysia in the early 90's. The catalyst of its kind. Featuring all their classics back in 1992 debut album, plus 1 new bonus track "... And Die You Shall" recorded in 2010 and never previously released !

Professional CD, new cover artwork, 20 page full-color booklet and a 44x60 cm big glossy poster ! Presented in the most extensive package ever released by Afterlife Productions. Booklet contains history, 6 page detailed interview (about 1986-1992 era), reviews from old scenesters (Mike Browning of MORBID ANGEL / NOCTURNUS, Scott Carlson of REPULSION, Takashi Tanaka of TRANSGRESSOR, etc.), lyric and many ancient / unseen photos from remarkable old days !

A total deluxe package for the believers of REAL old school Death Metal !!!

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