Perpetual Demise - Arctic, 1996 (Hol), CD

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Dutch death metal band Perpetual Demise was founded back in 1989. In the early nineties the band recorded three demo's which received very positive reviews from national and international press. Thanks to these demo's the band got the opportunity to perform with well-known bands like Gorefest and The Gathering  . One of the highlights in the career of Perpetual Demise was their performance on the campsite of the famous Dutch open air festival ‘Pinkpop’ in May 1994.

Their debut CD named "Arctic" was released by cult Dutch label DSFA Records (Gorefest, Orphanage, Within Temptation) in 1996. The album was produced by Roel Toering who is famous for his work with Dutch bands like Vandenberg, The Trockener Kecks and Vitesse. This re-release contains 17 track in total (including 6 bonus tracks from their demos recorded at Beaufort Studios - Sear Bliss, The Gathering etc) and is completely remastered. Coverart by Roberto Toderico (Sinister, Soulburn, Asphyx) and new booklet design with liner notes and many rare old pictures.


1. Of Confusion and Brutality 03:35 

2. The Lord Paramount 03:51  

3. Arctic 05:04  

4. The Observer 04:20  

5. Pyramids 03:56  

6. Fall 02:05  

7. Triangle Eye 04:09  

8. The Tower 04:00  

9. Upon Dark Grounds 04:13  

10. On the Edge 03:16  

11. Denial & Faith 05:05  

12. Where the Ancients Remain  04:43  

13. Cynical Control  06:14  

14. Scarred by Silence  03:52  

15. Awaiting the Unexpected  01:44  

16. Conspiracy of Fear  06:08  

17. Massacre to Be  06:07  

Total 01:12:22

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