Neftaraka - MCMLXXXI (Mal), CD

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NEFTARAKA "MCMLXXXI" is a compilation of unreleased, covers, teasers sanctioned by the band themselves. Comes in black envelope sealed with red wax and the title branded in flame. Package contains the cd, high quality woven patch, indoor sticker, 4-pages booklet, info-card with band's biography and the first ever lyrics published by the band. Limited to hand-numbered 100 copies examplaries. Official NARROWARDS release, NARROW001.


1. K V L T 1981 (unreleased) 05:52  

2. Macabre (unreleased,from the upcoming album) 03:35  

3. F.O.A.D.A (from "Morts") 03:20  

4. Ophoytha (from "Eternal Harsh") 07:02  

5. The Knoll (from "Raw Ist Law") 05:15  

6. Pagan Fears (MAYHEM cover) 05:25  

7. Panzer Division Marduk (MARDUK cover) 01:51  

8. Naranoroturakhaum (unreleased, hidden bonus track) 04:34  

Total: 36:54 Minutes

Ficha técnica

Black Metal