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Blue Eyes - Bewusstsein, Ltd. 200 (Handnumbered) + Excl. Poster & Photo Cards (Ger), CD (PRE-ORDER: 1st May 2024)

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• Noble Jewelcase Edition
• Ltd. 200, Handnumbered
• Excl. Poster (A2 format), only for pre-order customers
• Excl. Photo cards, only for pre-order customers

► Listen on Bandcamp: https://dunkelheitprod.bandcamp.com/album/bewusstsein
Blue Eyes, an unsung hero of extravagant and at times even obscure Noise that has been lurking in the shadows for quite some time, has never disappointed the fanatical crowd and he sure as hell isn't now. „Bewusstsein“ is coming for you and it would certainly not be an understatement to say that this is a true landmark for this great project.

First of all, one simply has to acknowledge the gritty and analogue feel that the tracks offer. Those who may be a bit tired of modern cleanliness in sound will be treated to the beauty of rusty synthesizers and the warmth of blasting noise captured on the most hands on formats available. „Bewusstsein“ utilises the strengths of the previous release „Realitätsverschiebungen“ but increases the overall quality even more. Looped feedback oscillates in a meditative fashion until fresh, sparkling walls kick in to form another sonic tapestry. Everything flows remarkably well.

There is still a trace of Ambient hidden in Blue Eyes' work, but the results are too innovative and original to label this a mere blending of styles. „Bewusstsein“ is definitely something new that promises to please both old school freaks and those who appreciate the new avantguarde. Mandatory!

>>Bewusstsein<< has been recorded on 1st January 2024 by BLUE EYES with the help of Bas Housen. Mixed and edited by BLUE EYES and Bas Housen. Mastered by Grant Richardson at Hex Audio Labs, USA. Artwork and manipulation by A. Nemerowski. All rights reserved. Executive production by Dunkelheit Produktionen.


1. X1-X4 14:12
2. X5-X8 10:40
3. X9-X12 07:19

Total 32:12 Minutes

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