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Eraldo Bernocchi & Shinkiro - In Praise Of Shadows (Ita/Jap), CD

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"In Praise Of Shadows" is a massive collaboration album by Italy's legendary producer Eraldo Bernocchi of Sigillum S and Japanese dark ambient mastermind Manabu Hiramoto of Shinkiro. The music weaves dark electronics and industrial dub with heavy atmosphere. The 8 tracks based on a concept of the traditional Japanese aesthetics inspired by Junichiro Tanizaki's essay, beautifully contrasted light and shadow, stillness and motion with using modern technology and various musical compositions.


1  Fluorescent Memories 5:57
2  Shadow Ghosts 4:30
3  A Scene Of Kaleidoscopic Changes 5:09
4  Old Man Looking At A Window 5:41
5  Bloody Footsteps On A Ceiling Temple 7:11
6  Hikari 5:20
7  City Vultures 4:41
8  Black Magic Train 8:30


Ficha técnica

Dark Ambient, Industrial