Uncodified - Erased People, Ltd. 200 (Handnumbered) + Excl. Poster (Ita), CD (PRE-ORDER: 1st March 2024)

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• Noble Jewelcase Edition
• Ltd. 200, Handnumbered
• Excl. Poster (A2 format), only for pre-order customers

► Listen on Bandcamp: https://dunkelheitprod.bandcamp.com/album/erased-people

Bella Italia has been a breeding ground for genre-defining Industrial Noise and Power Electronics projects since the beginning of the art form. Among the flag-bearers of contemporary audial terrorists is Uncodified. Fronted by Corrado Altieri and sporting an impressive list of releases on labels like Unrest and Old Europa Cafe, Uncodified has been enticing fanatics for more than 10 years and it with great pleasure that we announce his new album „Erased People“ on Dunkelheit.

In many ways, this new full-length continues in the footsteps of previous releases. Heavy synthwork dominates full-sounding and diverse song-structures that convey a feeling of oppression and exaltation felt in a crumbling, dissonant world. It is interesting that Altieri's very distinct style manages to combine the old and the new in ways only few can. There is definitely that trace of synth-driven minimalism Atrax Morgue was praised for, but also a great deal of innovation and modern skill.

„Erased People“ is another landmark in Dunkelheit's ever expanding catalogue of Harsh Industrial and a must-buy for old and new fans of the genre. Certainly another masterpiece by Uncodified and a furhter proof that Industrial is alive and kicking.

Created, recorded and mixed at UEM Studio, Summer 2023. Mastered by Grant Richardson at Hex Labs, USA. Corrado Altieri: Synthesizers, FX, Metal, Contact Microphones, Vocals. Metal on Tracks 4-5 by Piero Stanig. All music by UNCODIFIED. Executive Production by Dunkelheit Produktionen. All rights reserved.


1. Provisional 05:22
2. Mind Slaughter 04:22
3. Ghetto Program 04:34
4. Modern Death Shows 05:16
5. Self Destruction Culture 06:40
6. Against Will 04:24
7. Possible Violation Drug 05:12
8. Flesh Mannequins 03:32

Total 39:22

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Power Electronics