Eternal Solstice - The Wish is Father to the Thought, 1994 (Hol), CD

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Eternal Solstice  is one of the very first Dutch Death metal bands. Eternal Solstice was formed in 1989 and is still active today. The band released 3 full length albums on Dutch label Displeased Records in the 90’s and recently an 2 split EP’s on US Dark Descent records. ‘The Wish of The Father To the Tought’ is the band’s debut album originally released in 1994. The album was recorded at Excess Studios with Hans Pieters (Severe Torture, After Forever) in The Netherlands. Eternal Solstice is old school death metal to the bone and in its pure essence. Inspired by the first extreme metal gods such as Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Sodom, early Massacre, early Death and such. The re-issue contains many rare pictures, and extensive liner notes from guitar player Philip.


1. God in the Flesh 04:05

2. Torn Apart 02:26

3. Chamber of the Morpheus 05:15

4. Act of Settlement 02:59

5. Blasphemous Sermons 03:27

6. Dragged Down to Rot 04:29

7. Sleep of Death 03:39

8. Demonic Fertilizer 02:46

9. Wrapped in Darkness 04:26

10. Path to Perdition 04:38

Total 38:10

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