Sa Bruxa - Ritual, Ltd. 200 (Handnumbered) (Ita), CD

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Noble Jewelcase Edition with 4-Page Booklet

Sa Bruxa is most certainly a name that any true connaisseur of sonic art should have heard by now. Since 2016, Italian artist Guiseppe Novella has been releasing high quality releases dedicated to the dark sonic art of ritual industrial and ancient truths of spiritual achievement. The new full-length „Ritual“ presents not only another landmark in their discography, but also many new interesting aspects.

First of all, Sa Bruxa's craftsmanship must definitely be acknowledged. „Ritual“ appears as a complex and nifty arrangement of different styles, blending ritual bells and chants with slow drones and ambient soundwaves, while also including throbs and oscillations usually found in the murky past of Death Industrial. However, „Ritual“ is by no means an uninspired genre mix, but an intelligent and stringent work of sonic sorcery that truly transcends genre boundaries and creates something new (and arguably better). Throughout the play time of over an hour, the listener constantly gets the impression that something new is waiting just around the corner, building up on past elements and blending the old with the new. A truly marvellous sonic journey.

It is not too far fetched to state that those who are aware of the most ambitious ritual Industrial projects like Shibalba, Phurpa or Halo Manash would instantly recognise certain elements of theirs in the current Sa Bruxa output. Organic sounds of water and air mixed with ritual instruments conjure up a feeling of sincere spirituality and the compositions flow nicely, making „Ritual“ a tad more consumable than some more obscure projects, but by no means one-sided. A true beast of an album and an absolutely essential buy!

Recorded And Mixed In Berlin, 2020/2021. Mastered in March 2022 by Alex Crispin. Front cover photography by Animamundi. Graphic Design by J.S. Executive Production by Dunkelheit Produktionen, 2022. All Rights Reserved.


1 Crawl Out Of The Mortal Spoil 06:32
2 Reverence The Beheaded (The Lightning Holding The Thunder In Its Arms) 05:09
3 As Serpent’s Sloughs 05:48
4 Inward Trance-like Contemplation (Through Svarna And Suspta) 08:15
5 Ritual Of Pure Awareness (The Goddess´ Blood Is The Wisdom) 06:02
6 The Gate 07:26
7 Sacrifice This Shroud Of Flesh 07:43
8 Transfiguration / Dissolution 08:57
9 Reunification Of Observer And Observed 05:38

Total 61:38 Minutes

Ficha técnica

Ritual, Industrial, Ambient