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Cthonium/Osculum Infame - Cthonium Chants from an Infamous Past, 1992 (Gre), CD

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The two rare demos "The Final Congregation", 1993 (CTHONIUM) and "Flame of Hate", 1992 from these two classic greek Black Metal hordes. Inclusive interview in the booklet about the old times.

Another bloody testimony of the ancient Hellenic Black metal scene,the sole demos of CTHONIUM & OSCULUM INFAME respectively, are now exhumed from the dark past and destined to haunt the living.

The master for these releases was FULLY approved by the band.It was sourced by Archfiend Devilpig’s tapes & got digitally transferred by Herald of Demonic Pestilence(EMBRACE OF THORNS) this material sure doesn’t sound perfect but carries the authentic Black metal spirit of the early 90ies intact…

The booklets include ancient bios,flyers,interviews from legendary zines of the past like:BLASPHEMOUS,STREGOICA,BLOKONG,UNHOLINESS plus a very in depth interview with Odes from Absu & Chords from Hell conducted by Archfiend Devilpig exclusively for these releases…


1. Cthonium - Intro 01:21  

2. Cthonium - Hellish Journey 02:46  

3. Cthonium - Satanicus Chorus 03:55  

4. Cthonium - Thy Cthonium Ritual 05:16  

5. Cthonium - Outro 01:58  

6. Cthonium - Infernal's Forethought 05:18  

7. Osculum Infame - Dogs of Tindalos 02:06  

8. Osculum Infame - Lady of Sorrowful Dreams 02:44  

9. Osculum Infame - Unholy Trinity 03:12  

10. Osculum Infame - Hymn to Darkside 02:33  

Total 31:09

Tracks 1-5 taken from Cthonium "The Final Congregation" demo. Track 6 was originally featured on "Beyond the Grave" compilation LP from 1994. Tracks 7-10 taken from Osculum Infame "Flame of Hate".

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Black Metal