Dead Fetus - Demo 1991 (USA), CD

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“That was the one and only time I ever saw Dead Fetus live, and it’s something I’ll never forget.” – Stevo (Impetigo)

The most disturbing band from the early stages of Death Metal, Dead Fetus from Markham, IL set the bar for the most revolting shows happening in those early days of Death Metal. Nuclear Abominations tracked down the only member that has not completely disappeared and released their only demo, recorded in 1991, remastered from the original studio tape. The MCd includes an 8-page booklet with an extensive tale from Stevo (IMPETIGO), band bio, OBI strip, show posters, and astounding cover art by Nebula Lucis, as sick as it can get in line with the band’s spirit. Remastered from original DAT.


1 Fetus Scraper    4:50
2 Aborting The Christ    4:27
3 Goretopsy    3:48
4 Vomit On The Priest    3:03

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Death Metal