Syn Ze Sase Tri - Intre Doua Lumi, Digipack CD

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Finally out the debut album of Transilvanian band SYN ZE SASE TRI, that we are sure will become one of the most followed and appreciated of code666 roster. Described as a mix between the sound of early Dimmu Borgir and the last Negura Bunget, this band is in effect linked to the Romanian band, as the two guitarists Corb and Spin were into NB from 2009 to 2010, writing most of "Virstele Pamintului" album and playing during the next tour, before deciding to back to their first band. Anyway, Syn Ze Sase Tri is quite different from Negura Bunget, being more epic, symphonic and closer to European Pagan Metal scene, but without loosing their strong Transilvanian source which makes this band dark and obscure.

So expect bloody, warlike and merciless atmospheres.

Wonderful artwork by Finnish studio DARKGROVE, first press in 6 panels digipack + booklet  edition.

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Black Metal