Morketsvind - The Journey (Rus), CD

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Active since the late 90s, MORKETSVIND is an underrated gem of the underground hailing from Russia, and one of the finest purveyors of the old school "dark dungeon music" sound, played with physical gear and keyboards.

Brand new 10 track album, their debut for Out of Season - a must for fans of the old ways....

Recorded during 2018-2020. Music and artwork by Morbid. Art by Dianaii. Lyrics in "Kot" by Edward Lukoianov. Recitation in "Kot" by PalSanych.


1. Bloodthirst Journey 03:49
2. Astral Trip 04:00
3. Dance of the Forest 03:27
4. Dark Elf 02:00
5. The Journey 02:20
6. Mountains Night 04:30
7. Autumn Lights 02:15
8. The Tournament 03:22
9. Fire 03:14
10. Kot 02:14

Ficha técnica

Dungeon Synth