Runes Order - Fase XIV (Ita), Digipack CD

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Runes Order is a Dark Ambient project founded in 1988 by Claudio Dondo in Genoa, Italy.
The new album “Fase XIV” is inspired by old sci-fi movies, feature old stuff recorded between 2010 and 2017. This is a new step in the RUNES ORDER’s sound, more kraut Rock oriented, but keeping the trademark of the classical soundtrack sound. 9 instrumental tracks recorded with the latest line up, plus featuring Regen Graves of ABYSMAL GRIEF and various guests.


1 Altra Entità Biologica 7:14
2 Esperimento 5:13
3 In Fuga Dal Laboratorio 4:59
4 Ritorno Ai Boschi Di Tunguska 8:03
5 Loro Sono Già Qui! 5:07
6 Occhi Alle Stelle 4:34
7 Il Rettile Sotto La Pelle 6:15
8 Gli Adorati Del Sole 10:52
9 Cerimonia Astrale 5:39

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