Sargatanas - The Enlightenment, 1999 (Mex), CD

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Re-edition of underground metal from Mexico canon album. SARGATANAS recorded, “The Enlightenment” in 1996 which is one of the most important albums of this scene. Today, after more than twenty years re-released again on CD without undue and unnecessary upgrades. Twelve death metal hymns to the glory of the Lord of Darkness. More than an hour of music filled with blasphemy, hate, hell, sulfur. Death metal riffs mixed with crushing force of Doom Metal. Gods of Metal from Mexico debut album is a must have for fans of old-school.


1. Eternal Darkness 03:41   

2. Fear and Suffering 05:26   

3. The Proclamation 04:50   

4. Diatribe of the Occult 03:57   

5. Ritual of the Advent 04:31   

6. Satan's Curse (Possessed cover) 04:36   

7. Satanist 04:07   

8. Veneration of the Black Mark in the Ancestral Forest 06:03   

9. Doom of Fire 05:12   

10. Sargatanas 04:20   

11. Blessed Are the Sons of the Black Flame 06:28   

12. The Enlightenment 06:54  

Total 01:00:05 

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