Ride for Revenge - Thy Horrendous Yearning (Fin), CD

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Just five months after the last album and without warning, Ride For Revenge offers you their sixth full album Thy Horrendous Yearning. Six new tracks plus very different and much longer version of the song "Sexual Rhythm Of Death". All together 45 minutes of punishing, heavy, ear(th) shattering black metal hell.


1. Hartsimainen klooni itsestään 00:41  

2. Soul Abortion 14:01  

3. Sexual Rhythm of Death 08:27  

4. Devil's Star on the Rise 04:18  

5. Thy Horrendous Yearning 02:01  

6. The Reversed Cross 07:12  

7. Secrets of Cryptic Metal 08:50  

Total 45:30

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