Limbonic Art - 1995-1996, Black/Silver Edition (Nor), A5 Leatherbook CD

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Gathering their 2 rare promo tapes from 95-96 that were circulated in very low amounts and brought them the contract for "Moon in the scorpio", Limbonic Art in their more raw and primitiveunique material with exclusive unreleased photosfrom that era, 80 minutes of pure feelling. 


1. Eve of Midnight 09:51

2. Path of Ice 10:48 

3. In Mourning Mystique 16:13

4. Moon in the Scorpio 08:13 

5. Solace of the Shadows 09:15 

6. Symphony in Moonlight and Nightmares 07:54s

7. Black Heart's Nirvana 13:29

8. Artic Odyssey 03:38  

Total 01:19:21


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Black Metal