Diabolical Messiah/Swarm of Terror - Embrace the Advance of Victory (Chl), CD

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Alliance between two southamerican nowadays well known black death metal hordes ! Bestial and immense attach on the christian rites with intense blasphemy ! Satanic Death Metal in the Southamerican way. Recommended !!!


1. Diabolical Messiah - Internal Defiant Discipline 02:19  

2. Diabolical Messiah - Chaos in the Supreme Battle 02:48  

3. Diabolical Messiah - Evoking the Diabolical Attack 02:55  

4. Swarm of Terror - Embrace the Blasphemous Rebellion 06:31  

5. Swarm of Terror - Transformation of Wrath Into Obscurity 04:04  

6. Swarm of Terror - The Greatest of the Horns and the Unholy Victory 06:56  

Total 25:33

Ficha técnica

Death Metal