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Yvonxhe - De Praestigiis Daemonum (Jap), CD

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Yet a new upcoming Black Metal band from Japan becomes more and more known in the underground sector. YVONXHE, located in Tokyo, present their album with a huge bowl of primitive Black Metal ! For fans of ASH BORER, MAYHEM (old), HELLHAMMER, a must. Become dwelled in a pool of blood and get told a ancient story of thousand deads by this amazing music...


1. Cold Mortury  

2. Immoration  

3. Witchbroomed Vas  

4. Reverie  

5. Depravity  

6. Sha'etemmu  

7. Lamentations  

8. Self Awareness  

9. sacred,noble,extoled... Witch-Hunt  

10. Decomposed Necromancer (excruciated)  

11. Deathbed Crescent  

12. Funeral at the Frozen Moor  

13. Dream of Embryo

Ficha técnica

Black Metal