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Force of Darkness - Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness (Chl), CD

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Following on from HELLS HEADBANGERS' vinyl attack of their cult Darkness Revelation debut, Chile's FORCE OF DARKNESS unleash Absolute Verb of Chaos and Destruction on CD! Released earlier this year on vinyl by Iron Pegasus, Absolute Verb of Chaos and Destruction consolidates all of FORCE OF DARKNESS' strengths and blitzkriegs them into 20 shadowy, sepulchral minutes. Just like Darkness Revelation, the influences across the EP are clear and cutting - classic Sarcofago, Kreator, Vulcano, and Sodom, all 1986 vintage - but once again, FORCE OF DARKNESS swarm and sicken with a touch that's truly their own. Between absolutely feral execution and immediately memorable songs brimming with everything that makes black/death so timeless, Absolute Verb of Chaos and Destruction is a language worth learning - and now, at last, readily available on CD format.


1. Intro: Darkness Revelation 01:16  

2. Thy Mystical Vibration 04:18  

3. Creations from Obscurity 03:54  

4. Kliphotic Procreation 04:01  

5. Abraxas Revenge 03:42  

6. Oceans of Black Lava 03:21  

Total 20:32

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