Bode Preto - Inverted Blood + Poster (Bra), LP

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BODE PRETO (Black Goat in Portuguese) was formed in 2009 in Teresina a city in the Northeast of Brazil. Released the “Dark Night” EP in 2010 (the song “Sweet Fever” appears on the Fear Candy CD of Terrorizer Magazine issue # 201). In the beginning of 2012 they start to work on the production of the debut album, starting in April and finishing in October. The result is the debut full length album “Inverted Blood” (the song Elytron (Succubus) appears on the Fear Candy CD of Terrorizer Magazine issue # 232).

Featuring 9 tracks of Old School South American Death Metal. Featuring ex-GRAVE DESECRATOR member Adelson Souza on drums & guest appearences from Fábio Jhasko of SARCÓFAGO (The Laws of Scourge/Crush, Kill, Destroy era) on several tracks.

“Inverted Blood” was released in December of 2012 in Brazil by Death Noise Productions/Läjä Records (digipack CD), in Germany by Ketzer Records (jewel case CD) and in UK by Goatprayer Records (cassette tape). A 12″ vinyl release of this album will also follow in June 2014 through the German label UNHOLY PROPHECIES.


1. Anunciação 00:43

2. Inverted Blood 02:16

3. Black Mirror 03:15

4. Children of Suicide 02:41

5. Elytron (Succubus) 04:17

6. Mother of Ferocity 02:20

7. Serpent Inferior 03:15

8. Amorphophallus Titanum 03:42

9. The Erection of the Cross 03:14

Total 25:43

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