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Occult - 1992-1993 (Hol), LP

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To keep it simple and short, this studio demo has pretty brutal songs, which despite being built on generic song structures have a nice flow to them. Kicking off with a pointless “scary” intro, the demo starts blasting at a satisfactory speed. All tracks have the same more-or-less typical black metal high pitched hisses and screams, with only added effects being the backing vocals in the demo’s opening song, “Leader In War”, and the demonic laughing that appears in the majority of the tracks. The guitars are fast and the riffs are strung out. Tracks two to four all start with some slower guitars and the track “And Darkness Shall Begin” has a beautiful, albeit short lived, thrashing riff. The one solo on the demo is chaotic and successful, even if it seems like it’s more filler than killer and therefore could have been left out. The drumming’s above average and does a great job at keeping rhythm. The production is fitting to the demo’s stature, not the worst I’ve ever heard but not exactly polished. Ending the bass playing is good, with an exceptional intro on “After Triumph”, but at times it’s way too loud and has a tendency to drown out otherwise well-flowing, well-played music. But despite that, the demo is still fun to listen to.

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Black Metal