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Yosuke Tokunaga - 9 Mezzotints (Jap), Tape

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On '9 Mezzotins', Japanese composer Yosuke Tokunaga once again inhabits a sonic spectrum entirely his own, occupied by old piano chords, disintegrated string arrangements and distant echoes. The album features a series of sound studies based on themes ranging from Japanese folklore to classical music and film.

Throughout the work, time seemingly repeats itself, expands and collapses, as Tokunagaʼs unique musical terrain brings forth a sprawling environment of details that newly unfurl which each listen.


1.  M EZZOTINTS 04:10
2.  ME ZZOTINTS 02:57
3.  MEZ ZOTINTS 03:56
4.  MEZZ OTINTS 03:14
5.  MEZZO TINTS 02:56
6.  MEZZOT INTS 04:04
7.  MEZZOTI NTS 03:23
8.  MEZZOTIN TS 03:35
9.  MEZZOTINT S 05:00


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