Banish - Skkullfukkking Kkkrucifixxxion (Ind), Tape

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Heroin propelled apocalyptic warnoise/black metal from Kolkata's inner circle, possibly one of the dirties, rawest recordings ever to come from the radioactive sewers of India's filthy blacknoise. Side A was originally released on Behold Barbarity shortly before the label shut down, now comes with extra live recorings and with a new cover
artwork made by ROK of Sadistik Exekution.


Side A
1. Hyper-Alchemical Divination  
2. Deconstruction - Aethyric Upheaval  
3. Mytho-Sadistic Dissection  
4. Reckoning Existence Through Eternal Warfare  
5. Cadaver God  

Side B
6. Sardonic Incubator (live)  
7. Hyper-Alchemical Divination (live)  
8. Annihilation Nuklear Halokaustik Death (live)  
9. Deconstruction - Aethyric Upheaval (live)

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