Impaled Nazarene/Beherit - Day of Darkness Festifall, 1991 (Fin), Tape

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Blasphemous hymns of metal ov death from the two well known finnish hordes, in the most best audio quality! Recorded live on 23th August on the legendary "Day of Darkness" festival in Oulu (Finland).


Side "Impaled Nazarene"

1. Intro - Salve Satanas

2. Condemned to Hell

3. The Crucified

4. The Black Vomit

5. Mobid Fate

6. In the Name of Satan

7. Crucifixion

8. Damnation

(Raping the Angels)

Side "Beherit"

1. Grave Desecration

2. Six Days with Sadistic Slayer

3. Fallen Souls

4.Sodomatic Rites

5. Nocturnal Evil

6. The Oath of the Black Blood

7. Satanas

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