Nihil Domination - Unholy Blasphemic Terrorist (Ecu), Tape

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One of the most extreme Death/Black terrorist bands in South America! From Ecuador NIHIL DOMINATION bring the pest over humanity...


Side A - Desecration

1. Luciferi Manifestation (Intro) / Slaves of the Blood Christianity  

2. Jehovah's Desecration  

3. The Rising of Satanas  

4. Oblivious to Evil (Deicide cover) 

5. Noise of Terror and Blasphemy  

6. Demoniac Abomination  

Side B - Alcoholnihilation

7. Masso Jesus Christ Suffering  

8. The Black Vomit (Sarcófago cover) 

9. Satanas (Sarcófago cover) 

10. Raped Jesuschrist (Whores in Explosion)  

11. Goat Fornication of Whores

12. Satanic Lust (Sarcófago cover) 

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