Valium - Scars From Different Times, 2004 - 2007 (Bra), Tape

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An insight into the suicidal ways of VALIUM is presented here. Recordings from the years 2004 - 2007, slow, somber and melodious. Like a cold and deathly breath of wind that creates a feeling of necrophobia, the music gropes slowly inside your body. A thick wall of fog that is coming with the musical tones, gives the chance to think about the situation called "life". The atmosphere brings the facility to step behind your inside. What sense it has to age your whole life, while leaving this world at the end ? You won`t get a answer from this tape, but pherhaps it is the musical chaperon to ask this question yourself. Riffs sharp like razors cut inside your flesh while listening to the tape. Painful vocals full of hopeless strike the isolation that catches you. Suicidal Dark Metal with a traumatazing dreamness without any modern factitious effect. Limited to 500 copies.


Side A

1. Horates sui caedere

2. Dreadful visions and screams

3. Attraction for suicide

4. Ad nauseam

Side B

5. Self-destructing nostalgia

6. Audial sedative II

7. Not-florescent spiritual twilight

8. My vital preample

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