Swazafix - Anthem of Apostacy, 1991 (Hol), CD

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Swazafix featured Theo Loomans (R.I.P.) of Asphyx fame. Theo formed Swazfix after he left Asphyx. Theo was one of the very early (and very influential with his characteristic vocal style) members of Asphyx and sang and played (bass) guitar on the famous ‘Embrace the Death’ debut album (1989) and on the  legendary ‘Crush The Cenotaph’ demo (1989) and the ‘Mutilating Process’ EP (1989). Together with drummer Bob Bagchus, Theo was the main composer for these old Asphyx songs. In 1996 Loomans and Bob Bagchus reformed Asphyx (after the split in 1995) and recorded the "God Cries" album. Around the same time also the "Embrace the Death" album was finally released. 

The band name Swazafix was taken from a Carnivore track. Swazafix played pure and raw death metal (needless to say similar to Asphyx where Theo wrote the song for aswell), inspired by old school bands such as Possessed, Slayer, Venom and Celtic Frost.

Both demo ‘92 and promo ‘91 were recorded at Franky’s Recording Kitchen with Berthus Westerhuis (where all the early Asphyx releases were recorded). The old tapes are remastered and restored by producer / engineer Berthus Westerhuis, Fall 2012, 8 tracks in total. The album cover is designed by Ivan Bragin (Hearse, Paganizer, October Tide). The booklets contains rare pictures and liner notes from Bob Bagchus (Asphyx, Grand Supreme Blood Court), Berthus Westerhuis (Franky’s Recording Kitchen) and Eric Daniels (Grand Supreme Blood Court, ex-Asphyx).


1. Plaintive Parallels 05:06  

2. Anthem of Apostasy 03:48  

3. Lifelong Imprisonment 03:55  

4. Insaniac (intro) 03:31  

5. Burdened Sufferance 04:58  

6. Sanctamonious Godz 04:57  

7. Mass Chemicide 02:14  

8. Where Chaos and Order Are One 03:32  

Total 32:01

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