Hands To - Q'ojfa, Ltd. 200 (Handnumbered) + Poster + Photo Cards (USA), 2CD (PRE-ORDER: 24. February 2024)

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• Double CD
• Noble Jewelcase Edition
• Ltd. 200, Handnumbered
• Excl. Poster (A2 format), only for pre-order customers
• Excl. Photo Cards, only for pre-order customers

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Attention lovers of audial art, sophisticated noise and musique concrete! Dunkelheit Produktionen presents two full-length CDs by Hands to in an ambitious campaign to make these amazing compositions available to a wider audience.

Although Hands to and its mastermind Jeph Jerman may not be quite as known within die hard Power Electronics or Harsh Noise circles, the legacy of this unique musician speaks for itself. Having released music under the moniquer of Hands to as well as his own name, this visionary has been an unsung hero of his craft, creating genre-shaping classics and pushing boundaries, extending his sounds into realms unknown. There have even been extensive visual documentations of mastermind Jerman sitting in front of peculiar utensils like bowls filled with metal balls conjuring up tasty and refined sounds like the sonic alchemist he is.

Presented as a noble double CD edition, „Q'Ofja“ is the perfect release for those who appreciate Hands to's harsher and noisier side. This roughly 90 minutes of material actually stems from the late 80ies and could be seen as a perfect blend between the finer points of US Noise and the artistic merits of musique concrete. The leading element here is metal junk and there is enough of it to spoil even the greediest aficionado. The opening track „X2“ proves this without a doubt, as squeaking loops meet unhinged bashing in audial bliss. However, as the journey goes on, Hands To even venture into more experimental territories, presenting symphonies that slightly resemble the more technical Japanese cut-up artists. „Q'Ofja“ is a killer release and also a landmark monument of Noise history. Mandatory!

completed 13th February 1987, recorded at the golden cycle refinery ruins and at the hovel, manitou springs co. for this project hands to were represented by: j. jerman, r. boutilier, s. beckner, t. ray, m. ackerman and g. ericson.

originally released as a cassette by BBP and Turbine.

Carefully remastered from original master tape source in July 2022 by Alex Crispin. Executive production by Dunkelheit Produktionen. All rights reserved.


1. X2 17:33
2. Incendiaries 05:22
3. X2 (Reprise) 24:48

Total 47:44

1. Decomposition One 08:07
2. Decomposition Two 03:50
3. Decomposition Three 03:50
4. Decomposition Four 16:35
5. Decomposition Five 02:20
6. Scissorsound 05:44

Total 40:28

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Experimental, Field Recordings, Abstract