Dying Embrace/Dusk - Through Corridors of Dead Centuries (Ind/Pak), CD

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An eclectic alliance of two extreme Doom Metal styles conjured by two of most reputed brand names in South Asian Extreme Metal!


1. Dying Embrace - Ascendance of Namtar  

2. Dying Embrace - Horns of the Divine  

3. Dying Embrace - Ravagers of the Lamb  

4. Dying Embrace - Sky Chariots of Annunaki  

5. Dying Embrace - Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay (Autopsy Cover)  

6. Dusk - The Light of Thy Countenance  

7. Dusk - Shadow Poet  

8. Dusk - Forged by Fires of Duality  

9. Dusk - For Majestic Nights  

10. Dusk - Bomber (Motörhead Cover) 

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