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Scatmother & Pissoir Rouge - Toxic Masculinity (Ger), CD

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Over the last few years, the German enfants terribles Scatmother and Pissoir Rouge have made a tradition of highly acclaimed collaborative albums. After the raw and unpolished "Physics dissolve in Urine" and the carnival of perverse harshness "Hentai Femdom Aktionismus", the next monster is unleashed on the unsuspecting public: "Txc Masculinity“.
In these times of apologetic and safe art without spine or essence, Pissoir Rouge and Scatmother still fly the flag of honest to god brutal Power Electronics dedicated to unhinged personal expression and decades of blackest bile vomited onto our sickening world.
Still, „Txc Masculinity“ offers all the nifty song writing and tasty oscillation one has come to appreciate from the two maniacs. The songs range from heavy and oppressive displays of power to chaotic and piercing feedback frenzy and almost musical metallic percussion. This is by far the most sophisticated, varied and brutal album ever released by Scatmother and Pissoir Rouge. Limited to 100 copies only - be fast.

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Noise/Power Electronics