Vomir & Legion Of Andrromeda - Harsh Metal Wall (Fra/Jap), Digipack 3CD Box

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There are a few bands who I’ve worked with extensively over the years and who I’ll never say “no” to. Usually this situation arises from the perfect storm combination of: a) their music being ace; b) their music being sufficiently commercially inviable that few other labels would work with them on an on-going long-term basis; c) being actual real-life friends who I just think are the coolest human beings. So what happens when two of those bands decided to collaborate? I’ll tell you what happens….the most insanely ridiculous album I’ve ever released!

Legion Of Andromeda and Vomir have both redefined minimal extremity in underground noise and metal in the past few years, and this coming-together could very well be considered the end-point to both. What we have here is a triple CD box set spanning a good few hours of the most difficult-to-digest aural torture you’ll ever endure, and it absolutely fucking rules.

The first disc is the main meat of the release, a collaboration between both. LOA are even more aggressively minimal and brutal in their approach here than on previous records. The harsh “hate beat” is ever-present, as are vocals. Each song is 20 minutes of the title track being screamed repeatedly. Each song has the same guitar riff. This repeats forever. There is NO let-up. At any fucking point. To compound this, the claustrophobic wall of static noise constructed by Vomir is built between the listener and the tune, giving a kinda uncanny feeling of unease throughout. As if sitting for 20 minutes having “Black Cum Tempest” screamed at your without end doesn’t give you enough of a feeling of unease. Initially it can sound annoying, too much maybe. Then at some point you click into it, you hear things that aren’t there, some kind of sibilance becomes apparent…..the STEEL BARRAGE become ambient. But not the sort of ambience that sends you to sleep. POWER AMBIENCE? AMBIENT VIOLENCE?

The second and third discs are where we really get into whether or not you can hack it. One disc of Vomir’s harsh noise wall and another of just the “hate beat” that provides the backbone of every LOA song. I remember once when we were on tour someone asking if the beat was ever going to be changed. The simple answer was “ABSOLUTELY NOT”. No discussion or debate required. Singular vision. Fuck off other beats. These can be listened to separately, or with a couple of CD players you could create your own harsh noise metal wall. Or you could add the beat or wall to your own recordings. Send them in!

The thing I like about both these bands is that they’d probably appeal conceptually to the avant garde crowd, but are 100% deliberately crude in their approach, aesthetic and execution. I can just imagine LOA being asked to play some arty festival or something. FUCK OFF WE WILL FLAM-THROWER THEM WITH OUR BIG COCKS would be the reply. Too right.


1-1    Vomir And Legion Of Andromeda - Black Cum Tempest
1-2    Vomir And Legion Of Andromeda - Steel Barrage
1-3    Vomir And Legion Of Andromeda - Knuckle Bomber
1-4    Vomir And Legion Of Andromeda - Flame Thrower Justice
2-1    Legion Of Andromeda - Hatebeat
3-1    Vomir - Hate Abysum

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