Clandestine Blaze - Fire Burns in Our Hearts, 1999 (Fin), CD

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3 pressings before has been made by and latest been sold out for years (came in 2006). Now 4th marks it's return to Northern Heritage's catalogue. Music is 100% same (no remastering etc!). cover artwork is slightly different - like it has been in most pressings. No new additions. just adjusted old graphics. Significant difference would be that cover is 8 page booklet with all lyrics. including also previously unseen outro lyrics!


1. Intro 01:36  

2. Clandestine Blaze 05:09

3. Anti-Christian Warfare 07:23

4. Native Resistance 05:12

5. Children of God 07:45

6. Killing the Waste of Flesh 03:03

7. Icons of Torture 04:31

8. Outro 02:53

Total 37:32

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