Goatblood - Blooddawn/Annihilation Of This World + Poster (Ger), 2CD

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Noble Jewelcase Double-CD Edition
Incl. Poster in A2 Format

For over ten years, Goatblood have established themselves as one of the most bestial and raw Blackened Death Metal acts in the international scene. Hailing from Germany, this duo has been spreading their message of hate, war against abrahamic religion and uncompromising primal violence in a way that is nothing short of a musical Blitzkrieg: pounding hammers accompany blunt and catchy guitar riffs, while demonic growls proclaim ultimate scorn towards the weak. While other bands seek to market themselves with girlish aesthetics and pseudo-intellectualism, Goatblood stay true to the traditional black art of Death and War Metal as known from acts like Blasphemy or Incantation.

To commemorate this truly unholy decade of sonic terror, Dunkelheit Produktionen is proud to present "Blooddawn / Annihilation of this World". This massive double CD set is comprised of two studio demos that once again showcase the strengths of this horde. After three highly acclaimed studio albums, this somewhat atavistic approach seems like the only logical step. Back to the roots of guerilla blackened Death Metal, unpolished raw energy and even less artificial sugarcoating than ever before - only death and hate.

"Blooddawn / Annihilation of this World" should be enough to convince even the last critic that Goatblood pull no punches. "Blooddawn" kicks this set off, immediately setting a tone of absolute hatred with compositions reminiscent of hymns of destruction, which are still reliant on a certain feeling of groove and semi-melodic virtues that make the 26 minutes pass extremely fast. Despite "Bloodawn"'s brutal aspects, "Annihilation of this World" is where the more War Metal type chaos starts. Living up to its name, this part of the set reflects the daemonic magnificence of unhinged destruction. The drums are faster, as are the riffs and the all-round semi-dissonance created with wild solos evokes the feeling of goat-headed soldiers directing their flamethrowers towards this rotten world.

Goatblood's "Blooddawn / Annihilation of this World" is an experience of maximum intensity and violence. Both parts interact perfectly and after this highly active decade of sonic warfare, Goatblood seem to be even fresher and dripping with energy than ever before. In this scene of boring repetition and talentless rip-offs, Goatblood stand supreme and "Blooddawn / Annihilation of this World" is perfect proof for this.

All Music by Goatblood 2018-2019. Vocals, Guitars, Bass by Satanic Death Vulva. Drums, Vocals, Lyrics by Reverend Slayer. Recorded in Goch-Pfalzdorf in summer 2019 by Bone. Mixed in Essen in the fall 2019 by Din-Tha-Aeon at Quintode Studio. Mastered in Winter 2020 by M. Dahmen at Liquid Aether Audio. Photos by Goatblood in summer of 2021. Artworks by Westphal, Ludwig and Grasenstyle Blood Artworks. Cover Layout by J.S. Executive Production by Dunkelheit Produktionen. All rights reserved.

CD1 "Blooddawn"

1. Intro 03:12
2. Brutal Colonized 03:26
3. Planet Gut 03:07
4. Heinous Runs Out Anus 02:50
5. Swept Away By Flood 02:59
6. Scum Abortion 02:53
7. Entrails Harvester 03:03
8. Bombing Blood 02:22
9. Outro 02:27

Total 26:22 Minutes

CD2 "Annihilation Of This World"

1. Intro 01:46
2. Filthy Fetus 02:39
3. Hog House 03:12
4. Höhlenspalter 02:40
5. Defloration Ax 03:07
6. Perverted Brute 02:54
7. Traitors Inside 03:28
8. The Knights Have Risen 03:30
9. Outro 01:41

Total 25:00 minutes

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Death Metal